Did You Do It?

Did YOU do it? Did you set any goals for this week? After last week’s blog, did you have a conversation with your Higher Self and listen to what might be next for you? Did you get clear about what you want to feel and what you’d like to create? I’m not gonna lie, putting it in writing (even though only 5 of you may or may not be reading this) forced me to keep my word. Albeit, mostly not done until this morning, but I feel like it set me up better for next week. I had previously signed up to be an Uber Driver. Uploaded the appropriate paperwork, waited for my background check, decided how I want to start… and I did it today! It was really fun! It was a nice easy morning, 3 riders, less than 2 hours, and made $25. LOL ‘Not so much’ you might think, but I was happy to be out of the house, it paid for my lunch, and I got to meet 3 new people!

People… you know the ones that are close to you and sometimes you’re like “People create drama. People and their egos screw things up for the rest of us. People are liars.” Here’s what I’ve learned… it’s our expectation of people being ‘normal’ that gets broken. I feel like we all have different expectations of what ‘normal’ is. For me it includes (but isn’t limited to) taking responsibility for yourself, having a clear understanding of what your emotions are and how to not take it out on everyone around you, having a steady income, and looking for goodness where-ever you are. For some people, ‘normal’ is simply not doing heroin or beating your kids. I was once married to a guy who, through all the emotional & mental abuse, told me I had no reason to be unhappy because he didn’t beat me, do drugs, or spend all HIS money at strip clubs & casinos. That was normal? Aren’t those basic things we’d all expect? We clearly didn’t agree on what ‘normal’ was.

Anyway, I’m going to work on a list of things I want to get done. I want to encourage you to do that, too. Yes, because action makes us feel better. But also because if you’re not focused on what you’d like to create, you’re just living in the stuff you’ve already manifested. Is it good? Appreciate and love what you’ve created if that’s where you are in this moment! But if you’re not enjoying all of your moments, (even the contrasting ones that show you what you don’t want) you might want to consider imagining something different.

Last week, I tried to reschedule that meet-up in a new place. The place I chose turned out to be very expensive, so thankfully, they declined. I made myself make another phone call last night (though the return call won’t come until tomorrow) to find a new place so I can schedule the next meeting. The Law of Attraction is giving me exactly what I’m asking for in my vibration. Even when its not what I want, it helps me see where the corrections in my thought need to be made.

I’m going to put another reminder in my calendar to meet you back here next Sunday. Let’s see what else we can get done and how our contribution to the expansion helps the Universe!